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Sep 22

Registration For Youth Programs

Posted to Park and Rec Staff Blog by Timothy O'Connor

We have some great programs and activities you can participate in this Fall!  See below for the details of the great things Parks and Recreation has to offer.  

Registration for Youth Programs

Kindergarten-2nd grade basketball

This non-competitive program focuses on developing social skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and motor skills in a safe environment.  T-shirt included with fee.  Registration will be November 2 – November 16.  Cost is $40.00 (after November 16 $50.00) They will meet for 6 Saturdays at McKinley School on Saturday mornings/early afternoons from December -February.  

3rd – 6th Grade Basketball   

Separate boys and girl’s leagues are formed.  Scrimmages and games will emphasize learning and skill development. T-shirt included with the fee. Registration is September 28-October 12. 

Cost: $50 (after October 12: $60)

Location: Practices are held at elementary schools; Games are held at Owatonna Middle School

First practice and meeting will be held early November – date and time to be determined.  

Practices will be held once a week; Games are held Saturdays at Owatonna Middle School from December-February


Volunteer Coaches Needed- Youth Basketball

The Parks and Recreation Department uses volunteer coaches for many youth programs. Volunteer coaches play an important role in the youth sports experience.  Volunteers are trained in our philosophy of youth sports, first aid, concussions and how to teach skills for their sport.  All volunteers must complete a background check each year.  Coaches meeting for 3rd-6th grade basketball will be held early November.   


Park Passport

The popular park passport program is back this fall.  The park passport program is an initiative of the Owatonna Park and Recreation to promote healthy lifestyle choices.  The program encourages families and individuals to explore our parks and trails and exercise by walking the mapped trails.  The four-week program from October 1 to October 31 is free.  Get started by printing your passport off our park and recreation website .  Then visit the parks listed and look for the reflective yellow or white signs.   Once you find the sign check the back for the word on the back and record it on your passport in the appropriate box to revel the message.  Turn your completed passport in to qualify for a random drawing for prizes.  Please continue to stay safe and healthy this fall season! 


Scholarship Fund

We would like to continue to offer programs at a discounted rate for those who qualify but we need more donations.  If you are willing to make a donation to the Parks and Recreation Youth Scholarship Fund, you can mail in a donation to 540 West Hills Circle or make a donation over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard by calling 444-4321.  Any dollar amount helps and makes a difference in the life of a child.

Aug 30

Engineering Updates 8/27/2021

Posted to Public Works - Engineering Updates by Anna Schwichtenberg

City of Owatonna Engineering

Construction has begun and various projects can be seen around The City of Owatonna. Please slow down and use caution when approaching a construction zone.
 We thank you for your patience as these projects are completed. 

2021 Construction Projects:
2021 Project Location Map

 2021 Bridge Street: Work this week included finishing the foundations for the new signal poles at the intersection of Park Drive and W. Bridge Street, landscaping the median, traffic control modifications, continued removals at the 24th Avenue intersection and utility coordination.

The intersection of Park Drive and W. Bridge street is open to three directions of traffic, with east and westbound traffic along W. Bridge Street to open to traffic east of Park Drive to both directions of traffic. Some work will continue to occur along the roadway and at the Park Dr intersection as needed. Please continue to use caution and follow the detour routes as work will continue to finalize Phase 1 and progress Phase 2.

Next week work is planned west of the Park Drive intersection to prepare the subgrade, place subbase and base. In addition, work at the 24th Avenue intersection will continue as existing utilities are adjusted as needed.

To sign up for updates specific to the 2021 Bridge Street Project, please visit Notify Me.

2021 N Cedar StreetscapeWork this week included installation of the concrete sidewalk along Rose Street, sanitary sewer installation through the intersection of Pearl Street and watermain connections at Pearl Street. While working within the Pearl Street intersection the asbestos steam line was found and is on the schedule for abatement. Working together with the new hotel project, a temporary sidewalk has been established along the east side of the 200 block to allow more direct access to businesses. Please continue to use extra caution and awareness when walking or driving near the construction area as work continues on the sidewalk, signals, etc. and adjacent to the intersection and walkways. 

Next week, the contractor will continue to install the watermain and storm sewer through the Pearl Street intersection and install water services within the 300 block. The contractor will also be completing removals and re-establishment of the alley entrance off Rose Street to allow for improved accessible facilities in this area as well as paving the boulevard between the sidewalk and back of curb along Rose Street. Removals and closure of the remainder of the 200 block is anticipated to begin in about two weeks.

To sign up for updates for the North Cedar Streetscape Project, please visit the ISG Project Page, scroll to "Stay Connected" and fill out the form titled "Sign up here for project updates"

To sign up for various department notifications, use the Notify Me feature on The City of Owatonna Website.

To submit a Public Works Maintenance Request, please call 507-444-4350 or fill out an Online Public Works Maintenance Request Form.

Jul 09

West Hills Social Commons Happenings

Posted to West Hills Social Commons Blog by Jessica Abrahams

West Hills Social Commons
Did you miss us? The West Hills Socials Commons is open again to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8-4pm.
** The Social Commons will be closed on Monday July 5th
Adult Leisure Pursuit Membership
Sign up for our membership and get access to discounted programming along with discounts at several business part of our local partnership program. The annual membership fee remains at $40 for 2021 year; however, our 2020 members will receive a $16 discount off their 2021 membership with a remaining balance amount of only $24. Annual memberships are valid for January through December.
St. Paul Saints Baseball Game: Sunday, July 18th
Join others from Adult Leisure Pursuits as we take a trip up the CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints. Take advantage of this great opportunity to watch outdoor baseball and take a stroll through the beautiful CHS Field concourse. The Saints will be taking on the Columbus Clippers for a 2:05pm first pitch. Bring a friend, grandchild, or the whole family. Children under the age of 18 pay the members price
-Cost: $32 members/ $47 non-members
-Registration Deadline: July 9th
-Depart SeniorPlace:12:15pm
Strength Training (Free/ with Membership)
Try our FREE Strength Training Class. This program will teach you how to get a full-body workout from either a standing or a sitting position. Weights and resistance bands are available for use if you are looking for a challenge. You will go through stretching to increase flexibility, mobility, and balance. The class is held in the Social Commons West on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, from 9-10 am. No registration is required.  
Table Tennis
The table tennis program will run at West Hills Social Commons on Wednesday’s 12:30-2:00 PM ($1.00 per time). Any age can play the game, so don’t be afraid.  Players of all abilities are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. They are willing to teach any new players!
500 Club (Free/ with Membership)
Played on Friday, June 25th, 2021. There were 13 players, 4 tables with 6 rounds each.  First place went to Betty Mikeworth with 3,480 points. Second Place went to Roger Milbrath with 3,130 points. Third Place went to Shirlly Malecha with 2,600 points. Fourth Place went to Lowell Larson with 2,440 points. Fifth place went to Mernie Malecha with 2,160 points. Sixth place went to Fran Kubista with 1,970 points Betty Mikeworth made a 10 spade bid 2 times. Roger Milbrath made a 10 no Trump Bid.

Owatonna Senior Bowling Highlights:
Friday, July 2:
Fifth Frame Strike Jackpot:  Chuck Newgard
Pins Over Average:
Game 1:  Mike Dettmer 214 ( 17)
Game 2:  Mike Dettmer 267 ( 71)
Game 3:  Judy Drevlow 198 ( 38)
Series High:  Mike Dettmer 696 ( 105)
Split Conversions:  Marty Speikers (2-5-7-8); Reuben Ebeling & Mike Dettmer (each 3-10)

Monday, July 5:
Pins Over Average:
Game 1:  Reuben Ebeling 181 ( 31); Rod Fletcher 223 ( 27)
Game 2:  Judy Drevlow 189 ( 31)
Game 3:  Dennis Branstad 220 ( 49); Sharon Hassing 185 ( 48);
Myland Vroman 204 ( 34); Jerry Drevlow 232 ( 27)
Series High:  (Tie); Myland Vroman 564 ( 54); Sharon Hassing 465 ( 54)
Split Conversions:  Bill Nelson (6-7-10); Chuck Newgard (4-7-9); Marty Speikers (2-7); Willie Peterson (3-10 twice); Reuben Ebeling (3-10)
Billiards (Free/ with Membership)
The billiards players are always looking for new players to join the group.  They meet on Wednesdays at 8:30am and Fridays at 9:00am . You don’t have to be a pool shark to enjoy a game of billiards.  Come on down and play a game or two.  Both men and women are always welcome if you are a beginner, the players would be happy to teach you the game.  Drop-in billiards is also available Monday-Friday when the building is open.  Cost: $0.50 for 2 hours.
Every Friday at 12:30pm in the multipurpose room, all participants must be Adult Leisure Pursuit Members. Pay per card.