Home Safety

Home Safety with Entry & Egress

  • Are doors and windows working properly so everyone get out if there was a fire? 
    • There should be 2 ways out of every sleeping area in a home.
  • Are there deadbolt locks and heavy-duty strike plates for home security?
  • Provide outdoor security lighting that is timer or motion-detector controlled.

Home Safety in Living, Dining & Family Rooms

  • Is there a carbon monoxide alarm on every level where your family spends time?
  • Are safety plugs on unused outlets if you have small children?
  • Are window treatments free of dangling cords if small children are present?
  • Do you have programmable timers to turn lamps on and off when you're away for security?
  • Are extension cords in good condition and being used safely?
  • Electrical outlets should not be overloaded. 
    • Have additional outlets installed by an electrician if needed.
  • Use outlet surge protectors for audio, video, and computer equipment.
  • Windows kept free of furniture if small children are present.
  • Candles should be in sturdy non-combustible holders.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended.

Safety in the Kitchen

  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Keep combustibles away from your stove.
  • Pot holders should be in easy reach while cooking.
  • Pot handles should be turned inward to avoid spilling.
  • Do you have a smoke alarm with silence button?
  • Do frying pans have a lid available for covering a grease fire?
  • Is there a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the kitchen?
  • Do you keep a safe zone (3 feet) for children around the stove when cooking?
  • Do rugs have nonslip backings, or are they kept secure with pads or double-faced tape?
  • Have you installed childproof safety latches on cabinets that contain cleaning materials?
  • Are electrical outlets that are fitted with ground-fault circuit interrupters?
  • Are there individual shut-off valves for each gas appliance?
  • For appliances, use only heavy-duty cords extension cords that are specifically made for appliances.
  • Keep the range hood or vent free of built-up grease.
  • Place radios, televisions, and small electric appliances safely away from the sink.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers located prominently near the phone.
  • Do you practice safe storage of lighters and matches to keep them away from children?
  • Grills should be used safely and at least 10 feet from your home.

Safety in Bath Areas

  • Do you have an up-to-date first-aid kit?
  • Do you have anti-scald shower / tub water controls?
  • Are there grab bars within easy reach in each tub and shower stall?
  • Do you have shatter-resistant faucet parts with no sharp edges?
  • Is there a night light?
  • Do you have childproof safety latches on cabinets containing dangerous materials?
  • Are electrical outlets positioned away from water fixtures and fitted with a ground-fault circuit interrupter?

Furnace & Utility Room Safety

  • Do you keep combustibles three feet from heating equipment?
  • Do you have your furnace inspected annually?
  • Clean lint from inside and behind your clothes dryer.
  • Does the room have a working smoke alarm?
  • A carbon monoxide alarm at least 15 to 20 feet from furnace.
  • Is there a fire extinguisher available?

Safety in Bedroom Areas

Keep the following items and equipment available in bedrooms:

  • A carbon monoxide alarm within 10 feet of each bedroom
  • A fire-escape ladder (if bedrooms are above main levels)
  • A fire extinguisher
  • A list of emergency numbers posted near any telephones
  • A night light
  • A rechargeable flashlight
  • A smoke alarm in every bedroom and main hallway
  • The control center for your home security system

Safety in the Garage

  • Does your garage have a smoke or heat alarm?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher in the garage?
  • Do you have a fire extinguisher in your vehicles?
  • Do you have a first-aid kit?
  • Tools should be well maintained, and you should always use safety guards and glasses.
  • Electrical outlets equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupters.
  • Is there telephone for summoning emergency help?