Summer Softball

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2020 Team Registration Form

The Owatonna Park and Recreation Department in cooperation with the Owatonna Slow Pitch Softball Association offers organized leagues in Men’s and Co-Rec softball. Games are played from early May through late August at the Fairgrounds softball complex.

  • Registration materials are available at the Parks and Recreation Office and online.
  • Individuals wishing to find a team should call 507-444-4321 to be put on a list.
  • Team registration deadline is Thursday, March 11 at 4:30pm.
  • Mandatory Managers Meeting/Annual Softball Association Meeting is Monday April 27th at 6:00pm at Owatonna Knights of Columbus, schedules will be available, and player’s fees can be paid that evening.

Men’s League

  • Team Fee: $350 (American League), $325 (other leagues)
  • Tentative Nights of Play: 1-American & 2-Stripes – Wednesdays (starting May 6), 3-Steele & 4-Stars (starting May 4) – Mondays and some Thursdays, 5-Four Diamond & 6-Straight River – Thursdays (starting May 7)
  • Men’s American League plays 22 games and includes double headers on most nights; other men’s leagues play 20 games with double headers. Men’s fees include end of year tournament fee. If you do not wish to play in the post-season tournament, you must request a refund from the Owatonna Softball Association by July 1st.

Co-Rec League

  • Team Fee: $195
  • Night of Play: Tuesday (starting May 12)
  • The unique rules governing Co-Rec Softball help the sport remain recreational. Co-Rec plays 14 games. The bottom league is recreational, and teams can play games with as many women as they want.

Team Entry Fees 

Entry Fees are due on or before Thursday, March 11. Please pay at the Parks and Recreation Office, checks are payable to Owatonna Parks and Recreation.

Player Fees

Player fees are due before the first night of play. Checks are payable to Owatonna Parks & Recreation. All fees include tax and a Softball Association fee for field improvements. ($10 for co-rec and $15 for men).

  • Men’s League $45 for Owatonna and Steele County residents, $55 for outside Steele County
  • Co-Rec League $40 for Owatonna and Steele County residents, $55 for outside Steele County

5 on 5 on League - NEW!

2020 5 on 5 on 5 Team Registration Form

Having problems getting a full team together? Join the NEW 5 on 5 on 5 league where you only need to find 5 players! The league will be played with three teams playing on the same field for four inning games. Each inning will consist of rotating from batting to infield (1st, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop and pitcher positions), to outfield (four outfielders and a catcher) and consist of nine outs to complete one inning. A net will be provided for the pitcher.

  • Men’s Lower plays Tuesdays
  • Women’s plays Wednesdays
  • Registration deadline: Thursday, March 12
  • Team fee: $50
  • Player fee: $10 (includes tax) Resident/Non-Resident


If you are interested in umpiring, call the Park and Recreation Office at 507-444-4321 for more details. A clinic to discuss local rules, expectations, and to hand out assignments and schedules will be held in April.

Schedules & Standings

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